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Hepatology is a field of medicine concerned with the functions and disorders of the liver. Hepatologist is a physician who specializes in liver diseases. Most of the virus from the body, approximately three fifty million have become persistent carriers. Up to eighty percent of liver cancers can be attributed to either hepatitis B or Hepatitis C virus. In terms of number of mortality, the former is second only to smoking among known agents causing cancer.

Hepatologists are the physicians who studies the liver and treats liver disease. Abnormal blood test suggesting liver disease, Hepatitis virus positivity in blood, perhaps discovered on screening blood tests. Fever with other features suggestive of infection involving mentioned organs. Some exotic tropical diseases like hydatid cyst, kala-azar or schistosomiasis may be suspected. Microbiologists would be involved as well. To treat these kind of deseases consult Hepatologist.

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